Molly Burch: Hot Chocolate & Past Loves

Originally hailing from Los Angeles, California, Molly Burch is an undeniable talent on the rise. Following in the aesthetic footsteps of Dusty Springfield and Patsy Cline, the singer-songwriter relocated from L.A. to Asheville, NC, before settling in her current base of Austin.

You can hear each of those places in her wistful sound, which sports the sort of melancholic, down-and-out twang so often associated with the best of the old school country’s more emotionally affecting offerings. That much is perfectly manifested on the somber and smoky A/B singles “Downhearted” and “I Adore You,” her debut releases on the venerable indie label Captured Tracks.

* * *

Who is Molly Burch? Can you please introduce yourself?

I am a singer and songwriter living in Austin, TX, originally from Los Angeles. I’m 25 years old and a Scorpio.

Tell us a little about your recent single release. What do we get?

I was signed to Captured Tracks this year and in September they released my 7’’ record which featured two of my songs — both love songs. “Downhearted” is more upbeat and “I Adore You” is a slow ballad. You get 10 minutes of fun, romantic melancholy.

Who were your musical heroes growing up?

My main musical heroes were Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and Billie Holiday.

When and how did you first get into music?

I always loved to sing but was very shy. I didn’t start writing music until college. The first times that I sang in front of others were semi-forced requests of Britney and Christina impersonations during lunch in middle school. I realized how much I liked performing, but it definitely took me a bit to gain confidence and find my own voice. I will still do Christina on request.

Name an album, artist or experience that changed your perspective on music?

First Take by Roberta Flack was one of the first albums I owned and I remember listening to “I Told Jesus” on repeat. It had a strong impact on my personal style and how I viewed vocalists and general musicality.

What’s the best new song you recently discovered?

“Read U Wrote U” by RuPaul featuring the Cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2.

Can you share a fun fact about you or your music?

I was born on 10/23 at 10:23 a.m.! Is that fun?

What’s your favorite activity besides music?

Any activity that I can do at home in my nightgown is my favorite.

What’s coming next for you?

My debut full-length album will be released in early 2017 via Captured Tracks! I’m extremely excited and grateful to them.

Looking one year ahead, where would you like to see yourself?

I would love to be touring a lot.

And finally, if your music was a food what would it be? Please describe.

My music would be hot chocolate, because it’s comforting and dreamy but could also make you think of past loves.

Bjørn Hammershaug
(originally published on read.tidal, October 20, 2016)

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